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Welcome to Bodyworx Taupo!
We are a team of health coaches in the heart of New Zealand, Taupo.

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What our clients say

My sessions with Kath have been nothing short of miraculous. It’s like I’ve cleared little blockages that were holding me back. Patterns, behaviours & responses that I was aware of & had no way of shifting/changing. I have diet & exercise pretty much sorted, they are so very important & they only go so far. TFH Kinesilogy just seemed to sync the internal me with everything I somehow knew was possible, with how I knew life could be. I can see TFH Kinesilogy being incredibly useful for anyone simply trying to get up to speed with the diet & exercise side of life as well as those that have that in line and want to evolve in other areas in their lives.

Justine Page, 47, Taupo www.tastyhealthylife.com

Over the past 6 months I have been having weekly Personal Training sessions with Tim.
Tim keeps me motivated and excited for every workout. He challenges me both physically and mentally, helping me overcome mental barriers and he pushes me physically so I am constantly reaching new limits. Because of Tim’s belief in me and 1 on 1 coaching I can now lift weights and complete workouts I would have never thought was even possible, especially in such a short amount of time.
Tim has also helped me a lot with improving my poor posture; he has taught me correct lifting form and how to stretch well. Because of this I now never get lower back pain anymore.
Tim is fun, knowledgeable and very experienced. His trainings are tough but rewarding. And I always enjoy myself. I would recommend him to everyone of any age and fitness level. He has taught me so much and helped me gain physical and mental strength.

Aaron and the team at Bodyworx are committed to providing excellence in the field of health & fitness.  Their passion for what they do and knowledge in the industry is exceptional and obvious to all who they deal with.

The PT sessions that I had with Aaron during my pregnancy aided in a quick labour with no complications and assisted me in a speedy recovery. I would therefore, thoroughly recommend any expectant mothers to contact Bodyworx to see how they too can benefit from the expertise that the gym has to offer.

Thank you to Aaron and the team at Bodyworx for doing what you do so well and sharing your knowledge and passion with your clients.

I’m Courtney and I’m a year 13 from Tauhara College. Recently our year 13 sport science class has been training for the Tough Guy Tough Gal Challenge in August. To do so we have all been put into groups and assigned 2 weeks of 4 training sessions that we had to make up to take our whole class through in order to get us fit enough for the day! My group and I decided to ask Bodyworx for some help! They offered us such an amazing opportunity that was greatly appreciated! Thanks to Aaron and the team we were able to take our sport science class to Bodyworx to do a spin class. This was such a fun and challenging class that had all of us laughing at how much our teacher was sweating. It was so good to see everyone enjoying it and getting motivated by Aaron! The next session Aaron had made up a 45 minute circuit that was able to be completed in our school gym. This was both mentally and physically tough. I know I’m speaking for most of my class by saying how much it hurt! We all couldn’t walk properly for 5 days. Our teacher Mr Harrington was the same and was walking like he was a puppet on strings which was very amusing for us but we were all in the same boat! On behalf of our year 13 Sport Science class I would like to say a huge THANK-YOU to Bodyworx Taupo for helping us out and giving us these amazing opportunities, and a special thank-you to Aaron Perry for putting up with our class and pushing us to our limits! You guys rock!

Tauhara Yr13 Sports too